About us

Creating and improving our partners' approach to the security of goods and people is the main reason that inspires us to undertake, in the noblest sense of the term. Innovation and pushing back the frontiers of excellence are at the heart of our commitment today, as they were yesterday.

Our values are at the heart of the success of our missions.

Since our beginnings, we have been committed to pushing back the boundaries of excellence by fully committing ourselves to the safety and satisfaction of the companies and partners with whom we collaborate.


Thus, always more innovative, more competitive and constantly energized by the requirements of our customers, our will and our passion to undertake will always be the engines of our progress.


Our values


Transparency, trust and loyalty are core values that we are proud to uphold and that form the foundation of Kronoss' actions.


We recruit agents in our image: perfectly trained, invested by the passion of their job and concerned about the quality of their services.


At the service of our customers, we put at their disposal our human and technical resources but also our total commitment to ensure their full and complete security with comfort, discretion and kindness.


Our commitment to the protection of people and respect for privacy is at the heart of our business. This is why it is essential for us to develop a relationship of trust with our clients as well as within our teams.

History of Kronoss

The history of our agency is closely linked to its successive managers who have contributed to the success and evolution of Kronoss since 2009. All of them have long and successful careers in prevention and security.

Discover our story


Our team




At the head of Kronoss since 2017, Mr. Modrakovic participated in the creation of the Company in 2009 where he worked until 2017 as General Manager. He holds a master's degree in marketing from a business school and has more than 20 years of experience in private security. Eager to constantly renew himself, he trained between 2019 and 2020 at the National Institute of Higher Studies in Security and Justice at the Military School of Paris (INHESJ - IHEMI) and obtained the double diploma of Auditor of the National Institute of Higher Studies in Security and Justice and Expert in Business Protection and Economic Intelligence RNPC 7. In 2020, he became a founding member of the GESSEC collective, Group of Experts in Event Security and Safety in Cannes.



Human Resources Manager

A former high-level athlete, he is a certified Security and Close Protection Officer. His experience of more than 30 years as a security service manager makes him the personnel manager of choice. He is responsible for recruiting and arrangements, as well as operations, logistics and site control.



Administrative & Communication Manager

Graduated with a Master's degree in digital marketing from a business school, she joined the Kronoss Sécurité team in 2021 after 5 years of experience as a logistics and communication manager in the events department of the Palm Beach in Cannes. Her experience in the field of high-end events is a real asset for Kronoss.




Mr. Bouhelier has worked in the management of security services for groups and individuals in the PACA region. Manager of Kronoss Sécurité from 2011 to 2017, he now oversees operations during peak periods.

Internal training

All of our employees are offered access to additional training to perfect their career path by adapting to the challenges and changes in the profession. This approach to maintaining and updating their skills is provided by our partner training centers.

Our agents

All of our agents are rigorously selected according to their profile, their qualifications, their experience, and their level of written and oral expression.

They are fully trained to deal with current risks and threats and guarantee discretion and respect for professional secrecy.


We are hiring

In order to meet the requirements of our customers in an ever more efficient manner, we are always looking for new profiles to strengthen our teams.

By joining Kronoss, you will have the opportunity to discover the efficiency and seriousness of our agency.

For any candidate who wishes to apply, it is essential to be in possession of the professional security card and the diplomas corresponding to the position you declare you can occupy:

Presentation of a valid professional card issued by the CNAPS, justifying your professional aptitude to exercise the private security activity(ies) corresponding to the request.
For French citizens or citizens of the European Union: a photocopy of a valid identity document.
Photocopy of the "carte vitale" with the social security number
For non-EU nationals: a photocopy of your valid residence permit authorizing you to work



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