Our actions/results in the field and our customers testify to the performance of our interventions, particularly during prestigious events. Discover the case studies of some successful missions carried out by our teams.


To guarantee the success of the missions entrusted to us, we rely on a rigorous methodology including a 360° analysis of security issues with the constant concern to preserve the values and image of the client.

Constant communication between the field teams and the planning teams is a fundamental element to ensure an adapted and agile service. We watch it carefully.

Each mission is thus accompanied by an action plan which is prepared upstream through site reconnaissance and interviews with stakeholders in a spirit of co-construction. The mission ends with a debriefing and an evaluation of the service. A report on the actions taken can be provided on request.

Event Security

International Charity Event

An ultra-luxury and high-end international event, whose confidentiality and sensitivity are very high, this gala attracts personalities and celebrities from all over the world, as well as hand-picked guests in a prestigious location. To guarantee the safety of this event and its participants, a very elaborate safety and security system has been put in place by Kronoss Security, including in particular highly qualified security officers to control access, ensure the safety of guests and preserve the environment. integrity of values intended to raise funds. This gala is considered one of the most prestigious and exclusive charity events in the world.



International Festival of Creativity

Cannes Lions

The Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity takes place every year in Cannes and is one of the most prestigious events in the industry. Every year in June, it brings together advertisers from all over the world.

Kronoss Sécurité

Kronoss is positioned as a security referent for the whole of this congress and is therefore in charge of various international venues and events during this period.



Luxury Hotel 5*

Safety and security are key elements in luxury hotel establishments as they contribute to guest satisfaction and hotel reputation. Customers of these establishments expect a high level of security and safety, particularly with regard to the protection of their property and their privacy. Perfectly aware of the requirements in terms of quality and reliability of the services that such a place implies, through our mission we must guarantee excellence in terms of quality, punctuality and reliability of our services.




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