Human Surveillance

The implementation of a human surveillance system within a site or during an event is a key asset in the prevention of malicious acts and damage, but also to react effectively in case of incident.

Define your needs to prevent risks

We are at your disposal to analyze the specific risks to which you are exposed, and to define and offer you the additional human resources necessary for the smooth running of your business.

Our agents are trained to deal with all types of situations and to react with efficiency and composure.


These preventive and dissuasive measures contribute to :

– create an environment in which employees and visitors can evolve serenely

– ensure the continuity of your activity and the performance of your teams by improving the quality of life at work

– enhance the image of your organization, which will be improved.

Some key figures


Creation of the company

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+500 satisfied clients


Agents hired

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+200 secured sites


Events realized

Our fields of intervention

  • Events – public and private parties
  • Hotels and Palaces
  • Public and private beaches



  • Private properties
  • Industry
  • Commercial



Our Services

Surveillance sector

  • Qualified security guard
  • Senior security guard
  • Dog security guard
  • Team leader
  • Mobile security guard
  • Screening security guard
  • Security guard, filtering operator
  • Video protection operator
  • Remote surveillance agent

Distribution sector

  • Store security guard, theft prevention
  • Video store security guard
  • Back office security guard

Fire Prevention sector

  • Fire Safety Services Officer (SSIAP 1)
  • Fire Safety Services Team Leader (SSIAP 2)
  • Head of the fire safety department (SSIAP 3)

Event safety

We specialize in event security management and regularly provide security for prestigious events with international exposure.

We intervene upstream to coordinate the different teams and actors and collaborate with the local authorities with a common goal: to guarantee the success of each event and ensure the safety of the participants.


The support we offer takes care of the security of events, from the setting up to the dismantling.

Our strength lies in the organization and management of security-safety via the implementation of the security-safety process in coordination with the public authorities, the security of the customer, media and VIP route.


We also ensure the security of material and immaterial goods and privacy when necessary.

We operate around accesses via security palpations, access control for people and vehicles and the securing of spaces. Our teams are equipped with adapted material such as security portals, earpiece radios, mobile security PC, manual metal detectors, night vision binoculars.

Our mission

We are experts in prevention, security and safety

Choosing us is the assurance of a tailor-made service for the protection of property, people or events. Our security missions are planned and carried out in the professional secrecy with for watchword the total confidentiality.

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