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We identify and list the risks and threats to your project and analyze their impact through a rigorous methodology. At the end of this process, we propose solutions to reduce and minimize these risks thanks to adapted, proven and just-in-time solutions.


Anticipating risks is essential to the proper functioning of a system. Our expertise in risk prevention, management and control allows us to accompany you from the audit of your organization to the implementation of an effective global strategy.

Why perform an audit?

You want to evaluate your security system or you have noticed flaws in it?

Do you want to adapt your means of prevention to the new threats (activism, rise of violence…)?

You are concerned about the well-being of your staff or visitors and you want to reassure them or protect them more?

Do you want to analyze or test your current system?

What we bring to you

Our action starts with an inventory of your security-safety systems which allows us to identify possible vulnerabilities and to establish a diagnosis listing the strong and weak points as well as the potential origin of the risks.

We then draw up a general security plan that is adapted and complies with legal obligations.

Finally, we ensure a follow-up of our actions and bring corrective measures if necessary.

Our mission

We are experts in prevention, security and safety

Choosing us is the assurance of a tailor-made service for the protection of property, people or events. Our security missions are planned and carried out in the professional secrecy with for watchword the total confidentiality.

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